The UR Experience

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My blog, entitled "URIV", is the source for my day-to-day happenings, adventures and lifestyle. As an artist, typically the public only gets one side of the story. On URIV, you will get the real-deal on how things go down in my world. Typical posts will consists of how I feel about certain subjects, but I will also have a series of special posts like "#HowUDoIt" where I will give life advice to my fans from my point of view; and "#HowUSeeIt" where I give special behind-the-scenes looks at the art-making process of my music. This is also where my official #TeamUsher fanclub resides. Come get to know the other side of me!


HowUSeeIt is Usher's new, innovative mobile app that combines the world of 4D technology and music to provide an interactive experience to compliment his new upcoming music. Exclusive content is continuously unlocked within the app that is sure to give all fans of Usher great things to look forward to.